How Indian Women are the BIGGEST Threat to Our “Culture”

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Recent social media events on what Indian women should wear or do questions India’s will for equality

Yesterday, I came across the above post on Facebook. Guys in comments were furious about the lady wearing lipstick and not covering up her face properly. This is undoubtedly the most important topic to come up on social media yesterday. I mean, how dare she show her face like that even while traveling with her husband? How dare she wear nail-polish? How dare she even smile? How dare Indian Women THREATEN OUR CULTURE like that?


Indian Women doing what they want?

As a matter of fact, recently there are lot of other women who are doing things wrongly.
Priyanka Chopra wore a short skirt and SHOWED HER LEGS while meeting the Prime Minister!
Fatima Sana Saikh wore a SWIMSUIT on the BEACH and posted it on social media!
Deepika Padukone EXPOSED HER LEGS and LOOKED SULTRY on Maxim magazine cover!
More women like Sonam Kapoor, Monali Thakur, Disha Patani constantly wearing and doing what they want, where they want. More importantly, becoming successful and showing the world while doing it.

This is definitely the biggest threat to Indian culture right now!

Indian Women must understand that it is very distracting for the society to do moral policing on them. Indian society is very busy saving cows and lynching innocents. Women should not become a burden on the society by demanding equality and freedom in the name of feminism. They simply don’t deserve it. Indian culture instructs them to stay indoors and cover themselves up properly all the time.

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Lets Boycott Them

You know what society, be done with it. You have tried to show women the right way and they are not listening. Let’s boycott them! Oh yeah! That will teach them a lesson. Yes, of course, we will face some difficulties initially. We won’t get to stalk anyone on Facebook, we won’t get to rape anyone, we won’t get to crack “wife jokes”, we won’t be able to reproduce, we won’t be able to call anyone mother. But hey, see the bright side. Nobody will bother us at workplace, home or anywhere else for equal rights. Feminism will get its much deserved demise in the great land of India.

By the way, we should not call our country Mother India. How can she be great and a woman at the same time? Duh!

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Kaed · May 6, 2018 at 3:11 pm

Always the best content from these priougdois writers.

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