Justice League SDCC Trailer Breakdown

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Delivering Justice looks cool!

If you haven’t seen the new SDCC trailer for Justice League, here is the link. Now lets break it down.

Wonder Woman leads the pack

wonder woman justice league

Wonder Woman – dodging bullets just like that!

After Wonder Woman became the biggest box office of summer 2017, it is very natural that WB and DC will put her forward as the leading lady of Justice League. Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman has become iconic and a fan-favorite. It great to see that the studio is acknowledging it.  The trailer starts with her action set piece and it was awesome. Throughout the trailer, you will see the emphasis on her character and we can only hope that the movie takes it forward.

Aquaman will steal the show

aquaman justice league

Aquaman surfing a para-demon!

Its common knowledge that Jason Mamoa looks bad-ass. And his Aquaman doesn’t only kick ass, he surfs on a para-demon, goes through a building, comes out unscathed and looks really cool doing it. He pulls jokes on Batman and shuts him up. I was never a fan of Aquaman in the comics. He always looked like a joke with that cheesy outfit. But after seeing this, I have to change my opinion. This trailer not only sells Aquaman for this movie, but also makes you interested for the stand-alone Aquaman movie coming later.

Flash is funny, and thats good!

the flash justice league

I am a big fan of The Flash TV series on CW and Grant Gustin. I was not on-board with Ezra Miller as the cinematic Flash. While the teaser to Justice League, where Bruce Wayne comes to Barry Allen, made me interested, it still didn’t convince me. But this trailer sold the Flash. This flash reminds me of the Flash from the Justice League animated series and that’s never a bad thing. Flash is funny, he makes jokes and also he is not at all well-versed in the super-hero shenanigans. He even says it himself. “I just push people, and run away!”

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alfred in justice league

Alfred in Justice League trailer

Joss Whedon took helm of the Justice League after Zack Snyder had to depart the film under very unfortunate circumstances. It sounds like Joss will not get any credit for the film and it is not necessary. If I go by the trailer, Justice League is already filled with small jokes, quips, snarky remarks that are the trademark of Joss Whedon since the days of Firefly. Be it Alfred, Barry Allen, Aquaman or even Batman, the movie seems a lot funnier already. More importantly, all the jokes seemed to be organically integrated. Lets see how they turn out in the movie itself.

Who was that at the end?


The trailer ends with Alfred talking to someone. We don’t see his face but only see a part of his shoulder. People are speculating who that person can be- Is it the Lantern, or is it Shazam or is it Superman? Well, lets be honest. We are pretty sure who that is. We all know Henry Cavill is in the movie in some capacity and that cannot be a post-credit scene. It is good that they did not reveal him entirely and they should not until the movie. It will be interesting to see when and how Superman returns and in what form.


Underwhelming villain and dodgy CGI

steppenwolf justice league

Steppenwolf steppin’ in!

Steppenwolf is the big baddie in Justice League. He is nothing but a henchman of the all powerful Darkseid (who is coming later, by the way) and I am not convinced whether Steppenwolf is interesting enough. But that can change with the movie.

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Another thing that bothered me was some scenes looked too obviously CGI. A film of this scale should not have it. Of course, post-production is still going on and hopefully this will not be the case with the final product.


In the end, WB and DC has delivered an excellent trailer for their flagship movie and we could not be more excited. There are still flaws here and there, like dodgy CGI, tonal shift and an underwhelming villain, but overall the movie looks promising most importantly, super cool. Fingers crossed.




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