Silver Lining Saturdays: Destination Positivity

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Android’s next version got the best name ever and Indian Judiciary created history, twice! Lets see what positive happened this week in my round-up called Silver Lining Saturdays.

O for Oreo!

Android’s new version, which was going around as Android O has got a name. OREO! This is most definitely the best example of nomenclature in the history of technology, period! Its befitting that world’s most popular mobile OS will adopt the name of world’s best cookie. Now if only the OS itself is as good and awesome as Oreo, everybody will be happy. Here are the details.

Protest for Punishment


Schools are where the future of a society is built and nurtured. It is most disturbing to see something oppressive or discriminatory happening inside a school. And it is equally satisfying to see that wrong being protested by the students themselves. This exactly what happened in San Benito High School, California. 20 girls thought to wear off-shoulder dresses on their first day to school. The school, surprisingly, sent them home for wearing “revealing” clothes.


This sexist and discriminatory decision did not sit well with some of the male students. In a hilarious way of protest, they came to school the next day wearing off-shoulder tops themselves. And sure, the brave efforts of the guys paid off well. The school principal, Adrian Ramirez, has now decided to have a positive dialogue with the students regarding the dress code. (courtesy: Storypick)

Conscience Worth More Than 40 Million

Honesty is not circumstantial. It is inherent inside human beings. It is up to us whether to invoke it or not. We rarely do. But not Vishal Upadhyay from Surat. This guy found 700 carats of diamond worth rupees 40 million and returned to its owner when he came searching for it. Vishal is a student of class XI and his father, Phulchand Upadhyay, is employed as a watchman. Hope this flame of doing the right thing remain lighted inside the young heart. (source: TOI)

All you need is Love

Jonathan Grant, a former Navy SEAL was involved in a car accident which render him motionless in a Coma. It seemed all is lost, but not to Laura Browning, Jon’s wife. She was right there when Jon woke up. She kept standing beside Jon helping him getting over mental and physical obstacles one step at a time. Watch the beautiful and inspiring video here.

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A Marathon of Inspiration

Have you heard of Jayanthi Sampath Kumar? Now you do and be inspired by her. Jayanthi, from Hydrabad, ran 42 kilometers wearing a saree to promote hand-loom! “I want to promote hand-loom and encourage women. This is a statement of my support.” Deccan Chronicle quoted her saying. She is also against plastic pollution and hoped to run for that cause someday. Oh, did I mention she is 44-years old? True story!

The Photo-bomb of the Century

silver lining saturdays


Do you have that friend who ruins all of your photos by suddenly appearing uninvited out of nowhere? Annoying, right? Well, who would have thought that the International Space Station (ISS) is also that annoying friend! During the solar eclipse on 21st august, NASA published a photo of the eclipse. The celestial image was really awe-inspiring. But the ISS had some idea of its own and tried to grab the limelight by appearing in the image unexpectedly. If you look closely, you can spot the little bastard! It looks like a TIE fighter from Star Wars going on its way to shoot stuffs and things.


Equality is Above All

triple talaq verdict

In a historic verdict, the Supreme Court of India has called the practice of triple talaq or talaq-e-biddat as unconstitutional. This verdict signifies the justice and equality is above faith, religion and personal beliefs. While a very small amount of women will actually be benefited from this verdict, it is definitely a start for a bigger mission of cleansing the country from the grasp of oppression in the name religion. Read all about it here.

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What is Private shall remain Private

In the same week of declaring the triple talaq verdict, the Supreme Court also declared privacy as a fundamental right of every citizen under Article 21 of Indian Constitution. This decision came through the hearing of multiple petitions filed against central governments AADHAR project. This monumental verdict will be significant in the long continuing battle for privacy and LGBT rights. Read in full details here.

Messenger of Crime

Although followed by unfortunate incidents of death, destruction and violence, the conviction of Gurmit Ram Rahim makes us hope that justice will be served regardless of anything. A man holding such power and influence would have thought that he can do away with anything. But it was not to be. He was found guilty of rape under overwhelming evidence. It took more than one and a half decade but ultimately he is behind bars. I hope this will continue and the guilty will be punished, no matter how much influence they have.

That’s all for today. Do you have any positive news of your own? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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