Silver Lining Saturdays: This Week’s Positivity Quotient

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From a President on toilet paper to a doctor becoming messiah, this week had loads of positive injections.

Game of Thrones “fired” a Brilliant Episode

silver lining saturdays

Courtesy: HBO

If you weren’t living under a rock, you probably have seen the latest Game of Thrones episode last Sunday and boy, what a spectacle it was. Dany finally had enough and decided to take matter into her own hands. She finally unleashed Drogon on the Lannister forces turning lot of them into burnt potato chips. It was one of the most satisfying episodes the beloved show has ever aired, most definitely the best episode of the season so far. If you have not done it already get your HBO and Hotstar subscriptions and start watching. This season is turning out to be something.


Trump on Toilet Paper

Oh, its true, its damn true! The toilet paper — described as “a collection of ten of Donald Trump’s tweets that we deemed were most suitable for flushing” — was sold by a company called Toilet Tweets and fulfilled by Amazon. On Monday, the toilet paper was listed as “currently unavailable” for purchase. Read the full story here.

Breathing Life into Dried Lakes

Dr. M.B. Patil, Minister for Water Resources and Vijayapura District In-charge Minister in the incumbent Karnataka government, is supervising a movement to fill the 500-years old lakes with the water of Krishna river. These were built during the Adil Shahi era and later had dried up because of inadequate rainfall and insufficient flow of water in the catchment area. The entire project was completed in less than two years and all 60 lakes of Vijayapura district now receive water from Krishna river. The once prosperous town of Vijayapura (formerly known as Bijapur), which lost its sheen primarily due to lack of permanent source of water, is surely hoping to regain its glory days once again. More details on Storypick.


Pahlaj Nihalani Sacked!

FINALLY! I have been thinking of many things about Mr. Nihalani for many days. Lot of them cannot be expressed here without making this article NSFW, but it ranged from writing a blog to starting a petition. And then suddenly it happened. First I thought it was a joke or fake news like last time. But then it got confirmed from multiple sources and my weekend instantly got better. Moreover, he is probably going to be replaced by AdMan Prasoon Joshi and that’s even better. Pehlaj Nihalani single-handedly tried to suffocate the art inside our movie industry and with him departing, it can heave a sigh of relief. The only bad thing about this incident is we cannot make anymore jokes on Pehlaj Nihalani’s stupid attempts at ruining every good movie.

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By the way, the now former CBFC chief is still concerned that “pornography and vulgarity will return to movies” in his absence. Well, we will tolerate that happily, Pehlaj, Good bye!

Reservation Where Required

This is a bit old news, but I came to know this just this week and hence the inclusion. In a commendable humanitarian move, Delhi University is reserving seats for acid attack survivors to make it easier for them to get enrolled in various Delhi University courses. The university is implementing the revised Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, according to which students with disabilities get 5 per cent reservation and not 3 per cent like the previous year. The university has included acid attack survivors in the category of physical disability.

Heroes emerge even in the Darkest of Moments

silver lining saturday

Courtesy: India Samvad

In a horrific tragedy, at least 30 children have died between Thursday and Friday at Baba Raghav Das Medical College in Gorakhpur due shortage of oxygen. But in the midst of the gloomiest of circumstances, a silver lining of hope and humanity shines bright. Dr. Kafeel Ahmed, a pediatrician at the hospital, spent his own money to keep the oxygen supply running in the hospital. According to sources, he went out of his way to keep the oxygen supply running in the hospital otherwise the casualty could have been much bigger. We can only hope that the authorities were as prompt and duty-aware like him to avoid this tragic mishap. We need more people like you, Dr, Kafeel.

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