Why I liked Spiderman: Homecoming?

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From the moment we heard about the Marvel-Sony deal, we were waiting for Marvel’s most popular teenage superhero to swing his way into our screens and possibly hearts. But we were understandably skeptical about it. Specially after what we went through in Raimi’s SM3 and the uninspiring and pretentious The Amazing Spiderman 2.

Whew! Rest assured! Spiderman: Homecoming has finally brought it home! (Pun intended)

This time Spiderman is a high school going teenager. A young boy with very real teenage problems and a younger Aunt May. Friends, romance, family. On top of that, he is a superhero. His dilemmas, priorities, anger, happiness, frustrations were very well depicted. Both as Peter Parker and as Spiderman. And through all of that the story took beautiful twists and turns ultimately culminating in a satisfactory finale.

Origin story or not

tom holland as spiderman

Tom Holland as Spiderman

Spiderman: Homecoming is definitely an origin story. But not the one we have seen a bazillion times on screen. This is the story of Peter Parker becoming Spiderman. Through out the movie, you will see Spiderman struggling with his powers, thinking twice about priorities, clumsily trying to do superhero stuff. And he messes up. BIG TIME!! Just like any of us. And that’s exactly what this movie sells. Peter is you. Peter is me. Peters are everywhere. They make mistakes, fall down, get defeated. But they rise again.

The new “great power, great responsibility” speech

spiderman homecoming tony stark peter parker

“If you are nothing without the suite, then you don’t deserve it”

“If you are nothing without the suit, then you don’t deserve it!” The meaning of this line is so heavily ingrained in Spiderman: Homecoming, that it cannot be explained without getting into spoilers. Let’s say, this is the morale of the story.

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Michael Keaton (duh!)

michael keaton as the vulture in spiderman homecoming

Michale Keaton as the Vulture

Holy hell! Michael Keaton was great. He is probably the coolest movie villain in the MCU after Loki. He was even scarier without the suit. And yet the character is so grounded in reality, that you can’t help but feel for him. You think he is making a lot of sense. And seconds later he will kill someone and won’t even flinching. The car scene from the trailer…absolutely legendary.


Sidebar- Have you noticed that Keaton is brilliant playing characters related to birds?

Well, that’s it from my side. If you haven’t seen it, go see it in your nearest movie theater. Is Spiderman: Homecoming a perfect movie? No. But it’s most definitely the best Spiderman movie in 13 years.

Note: Didn’t expect that from you, Captain! I am changing sides!




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